52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 8

52-Week Photography Challenge: Week 852-Week Photo Challenge: Week 8 | Landscape: Wide Angle / Panorama

“WEEK 8: Landscape: Wide Angle / Panorama: This is a great opportunity to explore panorama stitching and create a wide sweeping landscape.”

This week’s 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 8 may have created a little bit of concern to those of you who don’t know how to stitch photos together to create a panorama. Or maybe you don’t even know how to take the actual photos.

To take the actual photos you just have to stay in one place, don’t move. Only pivot from your waist up, and start shooting. Keeping in mind to frame your next photo where the previous one ended. And you pivot from left to right (or vice-versa) and cover the whole scene with whatever photos you might need.

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