4 Fashion Photographers You Should Be Following

Fashion photographersAmong all niches of photography, my favorite has to be fashion photography. So it’s obvious that I follow a lot of fashion photographers for inspiration.

Besides taking a lot of online courses, and seriously considering starting a Master’s Degree in Fashion Photography this upcoming September. The majority of the things I’ve learned about photography throughout the years has been thanks to Youtube.

There are a lot of professional photographers that post continuous content about their real life jobs on Youtube. Providing insider tips and tricks. Experiences. Reviews. Etc.

I have learned a lot from them. And not only with fashion photographers. I’ve learned a lot of tricks thanks to Peter Mckinnon for example, which is more of a city and landscape photographer. But most of all a cinematographer.

But in this post, I wanted to share with you my favorite fashion photographers on Youtube. First of all, because they are amazing photographers and you can learn a lot from them. And because it’s free education at the end of the day.

If you click on the names you’ll be redirected to their Youtube Channels and if you click on the images you’ll be redirected to their Websites.
I do not own any of these photos. These photos are the property of their authors.

Mango Street

Mango Street Fashion PhotographersL.A based and made by Rachel Gulotta and Daniel Inskeep. These couple of photographers aren’t actually fashion photographers. They specialize in wedding and elopement photography. But on their Youtube channel, they share extremely useful tips to improve your photography. But in several of their videos, they shoot with models and end up making some amazing fashion photography.

And they have an amazing sense of humor. Which is always a plus!

Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica Kobeissi Fashion PhotographersBased in Michigan. She is without a doubt my favorite fashion photographer on Youtube. She has such a unique style. You can recognize a photo of her’s from miles. That kind of skin retouching. High contrast. Magenta Shadows. Street backgrounds. There’s no doubt.

And since she got her Canon 24-70 mm lens, she developed a certain look and style in her photos that is actually something I feel very drawn to. And it’s the high fashion feel a wide angle lens give to your photos.

Also, the styling in her photos is absolutely amazing! A shoutout to her stylist!

Julia Trotti

Julia Trotti Fashion PhotographersThis Australian sweetheart is also one of my favorites! She has the softest voice and the cutest personality.

Her photos aren’t as high fashion, but rather real-world, relatable portrait fashion photography. Her 35mm characteristic look and film-like editing are worth watching.

She also gives detailed reviews on the different gear she uses and they are really useful!

Anita Sadowska

Anita Sadowska Fashion PhotographersBased in Dublin. Anita is a fashion, swimwear and beauty photographer. Which they all are niches inside the fashion photography world.

My favorites are her videos about the behind-the-scenes of her swimwear photoshoots. She has such a unique style behind the camera, and in post-production too. The instantly-recognizable body oil she drenches her models with and looks amazing in the final images. The way she plays with colors and skin-tones is amazing. And she gives really great and useful tips!

She also gives amazing reviews and comparisons of the gear she uses.

So this is it for the list of my 4 favorite fashion photographers. Leave in the comments below your favorites too!


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