4 Reasons I Almost Didn’t Start a Blog

4 reasons i almost didn't start a blog

4 Reasons I Almost Didn’t Start a Blog

I bet all of you are right now like… Are you serious? YES, I’m serious.
This is important, you know? We wouldn’t be here at all If I didn’t overcome the 4 reasons I’m about to elaborate.  (And by -we- I mean my mom, my sister and my boyfriend, because nobody else reads my blog yet).

1. Nobody Would Be Interested. Not Even Myself

I don’t have a really elaborated and detailed plan about how this blog is going to be. So that means I don’t really have a neat structure about the topics I would be writing about. And the things I do know I want to share, are pretty personal. And I don’t see what about my life would attract anyone enough to stick around.

But I find that the blogs I enjoy the most, whether they are about travel, fashion, photography, lifestyle, you name it; are the ones I can relate in some way to what the blogger is writing about.

So I thought that maybe my boring life was really relatable because the majority of us aren’t living in full luxury and basically homeless because we travel a lot and never settle in one place, etc.

Also, I’m pretty curious about everything. When something catches my eye, I can obsess about it for decades. But there comes a point when I run out of motivation or just general lack of interest about that subject, and move on to the next one. Hence why I studied fashion, my undergraduate collection was about physics, I graduated and worked in a BIG fashion retail company for 6 months, and then I pursued photography like my life depended on it, and then I wanted to share my photography to the world through a blog.

But I was (still am a little) really scared that I would get bored about this eventually too.

But right now it is something I’m really into. It’s sort of therapeutical too. So as long as it’s good for me, I will continue. Besides, it’s a platform that also pushes me to be consistent. Forces me to continuously create content. To go out and photograph the crap out of everything. And is a creative outlet too.

2. It’s Too Late In The Game To Start Now

I thought that because today the term “blogger” is really known -maybe because there are trillions of blogs out there-there was nothing new I could talk about.

But then again, nobody in this world is me, and I wanted to think that I have my own voice and even though I’ll talk about things that other people talk about, doesn’t mean that they are going to be the same.
We all put our special something into the things that we do and unconsciously put a personal touch on everything that ends up making it unique.

So I trusted my gut and followed my instinct. And here I am.

3. I Studied 4 Years Of Fashion Design, To Finally Realize I Like Photography More? People Are Gonna Freak Out!

My degree was amazing. I enjoyed it through every single stage, had great teachers who taught me everything and grew quite a nice relationship with most of them. I got amazing new friends that I hope will be in my life for years to come. And I further fell in love with fashion.

I was fortunate enough to get a job before I was even graduated. It was an amazing experience, that I would probably share in depth in the future. But this job was only for 6 months. And when it was time to pick up my stuff and leave to the next chapter of my life, I found myself really unmotivated.
I fell into a really really dark place. Don’t ask me why. It was just like my compass broke and I didn’t know where the North was anymore. I was stuck and so lost.

So I took advantage of the opportunity to fly back home and see my family. I hadn’t been home for about 2 years by then, and it was the first time my siblings and I were together in 4 years. So it was something I really needed anyway.

In my time there I think I made pretty life-changing decisions. This I will share in the future as well. But what I can share now, is that I found my North again. But this time my North was a different one. My path had changed, my interests had changed. And that was photography.
Nothing else motivated me to get up and go outside like my camera did.
So I pursued that. I practiced a lot (still am), I did many many online courses and certified my knowledge. I even invested in some new professional equipment because I am taking this seriously.

The thing was that I was really afraid of what my family would say, what my friends who studied with me would say. I felt like I was betraying them in a sense.

Especially my family because they invested so much time and money for me to have the amazing opportunity of studying this really expensive career and even left home to study on the opposite side of the world.

But if I didn’t follow my intuition I felt that I would be betraying myself. And that weighed on me heavier because I don’t like having regrets.

Luckily I have an amazing family that supports me in every decision I make. And I couldn’t be more grateful to them.

4 reasons i almost didn't start a blog

4. Lack of self-confidence

I think this one speaks for itself.
I’m a perfectionist, and no one in this world puts so much pressure on the things that I do than myself. And it can be really tiresome. Especially when you suffer from anxiety.

I felt that I had to be successful and have the perfect plan, and work in the perfect company, and have a perfect life. And if I didn’t everyone would be so disappointed in me. But that wasn’t true. That was just the pressure that I was putting upon myself speaking.

Starting something new for yourself on your own can be pretty intimidating. Especially if you are exposing yourself like I’m doing now.

Not having the control over how things were going to turn out, freaked me out. But no one does. No one can control everything. And in part, that’s the beauty of life, it is completely unpredictable.

So I felt that since I had no control over how things were going to turn out I might as well control how I feel.
And since I felt like doing this, I swallowed my pride, followed my intuition and tried to turn off the button of “shyness” and turn on the button of “confidence”.

So these were the reasons I almost didn’t start a blog.

I recently came across a tweet by Bria @BriaNycole, that I think reflects it perfectly:
“Blogging can help you become more self-aware in not only your writing but also in your sense of self. Consistently writing out your thoughts often forces you to be brutally honest.
Through this vulnerability, you’re able to gain confidence.
We introverts need this.”


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