5 Key Elements Of My Personal Style

key elements of my personal styleI don’t think there is anything particularly outstanding about my style. But I do feel that there are key elements of my personal style that give it a very personal mini twist. Of course, a lot of them may have been influenced by my favorite fashion designers as well.

Let me break them down for you;


Clean lines, clean cuts, simple silhouettes, sober colors, neutrals, little to no embellishments, stripes, and dots are the only prints. Less is more, basically. 

key elements of my personal styleMasculine Twist

It is very rare, VERY rare, to see me wearing a skirt or a dress. I do use them, but I feel a little out of my comfort zone. And what’s worse, I sometimes look at amazing outfits that the key element is the skirt and my mouth drools. But I’m just more comfortable wearing jeans, trousers, blazers, etc. What men usually wear.

And my shoe taste also leans towards the masculine side. I’ll trade you a pair of heels for a good pair of oxford shoes or Chelsea boots anytime. I find it a little bit ironic actually because I feel the most feminine when wearing masculine stuff.


I wear all different shades of black. Light black, dark black, blackest black. Black is my color. I feel the most comfortable and elegant when wearing it. Even if I’m just wearing Pj’s. It has to be black. Besides, I think it is the most versatile color there is. So that’s a plus.

Neutral Colors

If I’m feeling adventurous I step out of the black to use other neutral colors.
I love beige, gray, navy, white and blush.
And because they are all neutrals, they go perfectly well with each other.

But if I’m seriously feeling adventurous, my go-to color is red.


It doesn’t matter if I’m just going grocery shopping or to the Oscar’s I need to feel comfortable with whatever I’m wearing. I can’t stand the feeling of wearing something I’m not used to. Drains my energy and all the attention goes to whatever is making me uncomfortable. And people notice that. So it’s not an option for me.

The simpler the better. The comfier the best.

That’s why my staple piece of wardrobe are jeans. You can style them up or dress them down. They are comfy AF.

key elements of my personal styleBONUS INFO

& Other Stories and Weekday make THE BEST high street jeans out there. Trust me with this one and thank me later.

What is your personal style? Let me know in the comments below!

PS. I’m in Berlin! I’m a finalist in a fashion award, so wish me luck and stay tuned for some Berlin content!


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