52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 10

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 1052-Week Photo Challenge: Week 10 | Portrait: Environmental

“WEEK 10: Portrait: Environmental: Show a subject in their natural habitat. Their place of work or hobby is a great start. Tell their story with the environment”

For this week’s 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 10 I had something completely different in mind. But hey, things don’t always go according to plan, right? And even though the result is simple, I quite like it.

Let me introduce you to Olga, a fellow fashion designer and a great friend of mine. We met the day of the entrance exams to the university. It’s really funny actually, how we met. I remember I was sitting in front of her during one of the exams. And at that time I had EXTREMELY long hair and couldn’t focus with it on my way so I put up in a bun. And I hear a small high-pitched voice behind me saying “Que arte para hacerse el moño” which in English translates to something like “What an artistic way to make her bun”. And I turned around like – whut? – 

It was love at first sight. Been close friends ever since!

Regarding the result of this week’s 52-Week Photo Challenge, I think this photo is pretty self-explanatory. You can see a mannequin in the reflection of her sunglasses. And that is my representation on showing what she does for a living. Mannequin = fashion designer? Ya know?

Simple. Easy. Straight-forward. I hope not boring, but maybe.

And that is it, folks. Thanks for tuning in!

If you want to take part you can check out the first post I made about this challenge.

So, remember you can find more inspiration at #52weeksab on the gram.

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I love how the mannequin can be seen! I think that really ties in her story, what a cool picture!


Great interpretation of the challenge. This looks like so much fun (creatively) – I think I will join your 52 day challenge as well.

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