52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 11

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 1152-Week Photo Challenge: Week 11 | Landscape: Reflection

“WEEK 11: Landscape: Reflection: Find a way to show your landscape/natural beauty in reflection. Therefore, the mirror world revealed.”

For this week’s 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 11 I first thought on shooting a typical landscape reflected on the lake in front of. Or through a puddle on the floor. But then I thought that even though they look really cool; first it was going to be really hard to find a place in those conditions. And second, it was way too mainstream.

So I thought that I could buy a prism to create beautiful reflection effects. And I did! But unfortunately, my prism arrived late so I waited till the last moment I could to shoot with it. But I couldn’t. So I tried with throwing some water to the floor to create my little artificial puddle but it didn’t work either.

So while I was sitting there in my frustration thinking how the hell am I going to complete the challenge. I took my phone, and before swiping to unlock it, I saw what was behind me reflected on it. THAT’S IT! The screen of my phone reflects absolutely e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. All day with that thing on my hand and it never occurred to me that it has a reflective surface!

So I went up to the park near my house, and I tried to make some pictures using my phone the way that I intended to use my prism. And also trying other more literal approaches like literally holding my phone with my hands in front of the camera, or leaving my phone on whatever surface available to see what reflected on it, and capture it, etc.

So here you, the park next door through the screen of my iPhone.

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 11

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 11Remember you can find more inspiration at #52weeksab on the gram.


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