52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 15

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 1552-Week Photo Challenge: Week 15 | Artistic: Metal

“WEEK 15: Artistic: Metal: Cold, hard steel. Shiny Aluminum. Or even rusted and broken down. In conclusion, find your inspiration in metal this week.”

For this week’s 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 15 I got my ass kicked again. I always struggle so much with the “Artistic” themes in this challenge! It’s actually a little frustrating to be honest. But oh well!

Besides, it’s been a really stressful couple of weeks and stress is no help at all when it comes to creativity and coming up with new ideas. But hey, I didn’t come here to complain. So here we go.

For the 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 15 I photographed two decorating things I recently DIY painted in a rose-gold color. And rose gold actually is a kind of bronze-copper color right? Those are metals as far as I’m concerned. And these two decorating pieces are actually on my work desk and that’s the place I produce my art. So there you have it! My not so artistic interpretation of metal.

I know this week’s photos are a little sad and pointless but that’s the best I could do! ♥

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 15 Remember you can find more inspiration at #52weeksab on the gram. 



    • andrea
      November 18, 2018 / 11:53 AM

      Thank you! 🙂

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