A Body Wash for Every Mood? Yes, Please.

I was recently reached out by a brand called Kneipp that has a body wash for every freaking mood. They have a full and colorful collection containing body washes; full size, and travel size. Body lotions, and shower foams. Of course, I said yes!

Everything smells amazing, which in body-care products is an absolute must! And the collection claims that we should wash our bodies according to how we are feeling that day. I love the concept! The only thing that worries me, is that I will be running out of their “stress-free” first!


  • Balancing
  • Soft-Skin
  • Cheerful Mind
  • Stress-free
  • Enjoy Life

As I said, they all smell incredible. And both the body wash, and the body lotions leave your skin baby soft! The lotions absorb really fast, which I really appreciate. And they don’t leave that greasy feeling afterward.

I don’t know if they really have properties to enhance or improve the mood you are in a given day, but I find the concept amusing. And since they all smell great, they make me happy. And happy is the ultimate mood, am I right?

Have you tried them before? Tell me what is your favorite body wash? Or in other words, what’s your standard mood?


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