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Hi everyone! As you can see by the title; I’m doing Blogmas this year!

I can’t believe we are in December already. I can’t understand where time goes, to be honest. Two days ago I was in Berlin at a fashion contest and then running with my dog in the fields under the summer sun. And now we are 24 days away from Christmas. It’s incredible!

Anyway, back to topic. I know it’s gonna be a lot of work but this is the first Christmas since I started this blog. And I wanted to try this thing for a while now! So here we go!

First of all, what is Blogmas?

Blogmas is basically creating content (most of the time with a Christmas theme) daily up until Christmas day! On Youtube, for example, it’s called Vlogmas because YouTubers vlog daily until Xmas. I’m going to try to keep the theme along Christmasy lines, but remember I’m still doing the 52-Week Photo Challenge, so that will still be going up every Friday regardless.

There are also people who do Blogmas for the whole of December. That’s daily content for 31 days straight. But since this is my first time doing it, and I don’t know how well I will cope with creating daily content in the first place. I’m sticking with the 24 days.

I’m really excited because this is my favorite time of the year. And by “time” I mean the October – December season. It just has something special that makes me very happy and creative! So I’m exploiting that.

I’ve planned some very entertaining and valuable content for this so I hope you are looking forward to it! And if you are in the content creation world. I encourage you to try this Blogmas thing out!

See you guys here tomorrow!! OMG

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I love Blogmas! Just started for the first time this year too. A pretty fun way to celebrate the holiday!

Jordan Nelson

Can’t wait to read! I hope to participate next year. I was definitely not as prepared for blogmas this year as I would’ve liked to of been haha.
Jordan |


Sounds like a great way to be inspired to create content! :] Best of luck to you!