Blogmas Day 13 | My Winter Essentials

Winter EssentialsHello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas day 13! Today I wanted to share ALL my winter essentials from skincare to home decor. I’m covering everything I can’t live without in the cooler months.

But first, I have another life update for you guys!

Only yesterday I announced in Blogmas Day 12 that I was planning on adding extra upload days and starting a YouTube Channel. Well that same day in the morning, I received a call from a company I’d applied for a job a couple of months ago, telling me that I got the job!

So, even though the timing was a little off because it’s funny that the day I announced that I would create more content from now on. Was the day I got a job, which means I won’t be having much time to do all of that extra work. I will only have the weekends to create the content, and I will do my best to deliver as promised.

But if it doesn’t work, then I will be forced to go back to posting 2 days a week, and posting the videos that are already pre-filmed, without really knowing exactly when I can do more!

I hope you can understand. And as I said earlier, I will do my best to do it all! Even if it means dying from exhaustion, lol.

Back to topic:

I’m writing this in a rush because today Nico and I turn 5 years and 3 months together. And we normally only celebrate our anniversaries. But today we felt like going out on a nice date! Maybe it’s that holiday and festive feeling! So I’m keeping this short and especially quick!



I know I’m not the only one when I say my skin is disgusting during the winter. My lips get so cracked and dry. The skin on my elbows and knees start to have a white cast of the extreme dryness they are endurings. That’s why I need to keep my skin hydrated no matter what. And I love The Body Shop’s Body Butter for that. As it is really thick and hard to expand on the skin, I apply it after my showers. I dry my skin with a towel and since the bathroom, and my skin, still have some moist, the butter glides on with no problem.

For my lips, this is a no-brainer. I apply lip balm of all kinds and brands every 5 minutes.


To keep me warm I need to have some cozy blankets available throughout the house. That’s my thing! I love warm blankets!

And of course, some scented candles! I love walking into my house and have everything smelling like a Christmas tree! Who doesn’t?


Fashion-wise I can’t live without my chunky knits, chunky scarfs, and soft coats. I’m all about layering but sometimes all you want to do is to wrap yourself up with the thickest chunkiest piece of garment you can find.


And last but definitely not least for my winter essentials. A hot cup of tea many times a day is a MUST!

My favorites are green tea, matcha, chamomile tea, and vanilla tea!


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