Blogmas Day 18 | My Go-To Accounts for Instagram Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

Hello, you lot! Another day, another Blogmas, times 18.

Today I’m sharing my go-to accounts for Instagram inspiration. And by this I mean, literal Instagram inspiration, like loving their feed. Or for fashion, beauty and photography inspiration as well!

I know this has nothing to do with Christmas/holiday content, but I really wanted to share these with you! So bear with me.



Shotfromthestreet: My favorite blogger from Leeds! I’m obsessed with everything she wears, her taste in interior design and I’ve been following her blog and her youtube channel for as long as I can remember! Also a film photography inspiration! And the reason why I even though about vlogging and opening up a youtube channel myself!
Fashion Inspiration

Cocobeautea: Hannah is my go-to reference for day to day style. She is minimal with a masculine twist perfection on the go. Also has an amazing youtube channel that makes me want to go on a shopping spree every time!

Fashion Inspiration

Brittanybathgate: Another British minimal queen! And another day to day ootd reference for me!

Fashion Inspiration

Modedamour: Anne-Miek Kessels is the girl behind this minimal perfection wardrobe. And a neutral queen!

Fashion Inspiration


Allanaramaa: I followed this queen first on youtube. She is Allana Davidson, a Canadian with the best sense of humor and I love her so much! And I also love how she dresses! But she’s my number one bronzy queen go-to.

Fashion Inspiration

Valerialipovetsky: Also found Valeria for her youtube channel first. She is such an inspiration for me. She’s so young, she’s a badass businesswoman and she is a mother of three adorable baby boys and the way she handles everything and her approach to life, business and motherhood are incredible! And beauty wise she is my go-to because she is the queen of no-makeup makeup! Right up my alley! And she has amazing fashion taste too!

Fashion Inspiration

Theannaedit: Another minimal queen, perfect wardrobe, also British. And my go-to reference for peachy and natural makeup! I found her for her blog. That led me to follow her on her youtube channel and on Instagram!

Fashion Inspiration


Nycbambi: Neutral perfection! And amazing fashion and interior taste!

Fashion Inspiration

Mija_mija: Minimal and monochrome with touches of warm tones here and there.

Fashion Inspiration

Deborabrosa: Amazing feed, amazing style, and amazing inspiration because she is the queen behind the famous Tumblr account: Fashion gone rouge!

Fashion Inspiration


Flickaelisa: I love her and her photography style. And her moody film tones! But I especially love the narrative she puts behind each and every one of her photos!

Fashion Inspiration

Mangostreet: A photography married couple; Rachel and Daniel. That I love for their minimal approach, tones, and attention to detail. Their dry sense of humor is a plus! And their youtube channel is my go-to photography youtube to learn tips and tricks.

Fashion Inspiration

Jessicakobeissi: Found Jessica on youtube first! She has an amazing sense of humor as well, and she is an amazing fashion and portrait photographer!

Fashion Inspiration

And that’s it for Blogmas day 18 and my main go-to accounts for inspo! I hope I you liked this post but please let me know in the comments bellow 🙂



  1. December 18, 2018 / 9:02 PM

    These accounts all look SO stunning – I’ll definitely be following a few!

  2. Bri
    December 19, 2018 / 4:29 PM

    Thank you so so much for even more inspo, I absolutely love this post!
    Another great read Andrea, keep up the amazing work. You’re such an inspiration to content creators everywhere!

    • andrea
      December 26, 2018 / 11:28 AM

      You really are so sweet! You have no idea how much this means to me! THANK YOU!!

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