Blogmas Day 20 | Winter Beauty Tips and Tricks

Winter Beauty Tips and Tricks

Winter Beauty Tips and Tricks

Hi guys! Welcome to Blogmas Day 20! Only four days to go! WHAT? This went by incredibly fast. – as the whole year, basically – Today I wanted to share with you my winter beauty tips and tricks. To combat everything the cold weather brings along with it.

This post is a bit of a complimentary post of my recent Winter Essentials. But this one is exclusively about beauty. And not only product focused, but with some tips and tricks.


Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize

It’s very important to keep your skin hydrated throughout the cooler months. Because it’s not only the cold that dehydrates your skin, it’s actually drastic changes in temperature – being in the cold street and going into a very warm place, for example – So it’s very important to moisturize your hair, your face, your hands, your body… Your entire skin basically.

Get a humidifier

This is a very good investment. It will keep adding moisture to the dry winter air in your home, or office. And this will help reduce the dehydration of your overall skin. I have one in my bedroom and I sometimes move it to my working space. And I really do feel a difference! This is the one I have.

Go easy on your home central heat temperatures

As I stated in the first tip, drastic changes in temperature can dehydrate your skin. And high temperatures will make the air of your home dryer. Therefore, your skin will get drier as well. So try setting your thermostat to a not-so-hot temperature. Or if you are too cold, keep it at a hot temperature until the room is warm enough and then lower it down.

Not so hot, and not so long showers

Same principle as my previous tips. Very hot water drains the water out of your system. I actually think of it as if it evaporates from my body because of the heat, lol. So be careful with your water temperature and also your shower time. You don’t need a 1-hour long shower.

This also applies when washing your hands. Don’t wash your hands with very hot water!

Adapt your skincare

Your skin has different needs throughout the year and depending on the weather of your location. So make sure you adapt your skincare routine to winter mode. And if you are traveling for the holidays make sure you take the necessary precautions because your skin may not be used to the weather of that place. And it can go wild trying to adjust. So it’s better if you adjust your skincare beforehand instead.

Don’t neglect your sunscreen

We relate sunscreen to hot summer days. But during winter we still get exposed to UV light. The sun is still there, you know? And if you live in a place with snow, you really need to take your sunscreen seriously. Because snow actually reflects the sun rays. So you will definitely get exposed!

Watch your diet

Your skin health not only depends on external treatments and precautions. What you eat definitely affects everything in your body. Water intake is essential to keep your skin hydrated because it helps to retain its moisture. And certain foods can affect your overall health. So make sure you keep an eye on your diet too!


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