Blogmas Day 3 | Favorite Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs

Hey guys! Welcome to Blogmas day 3!

Today I’m sharing my favorite Christmas songs AKA my Christmas playlist with you guys. So we can all start getting into the perfect Christmas mood.

As we speak – or may I say, as I write this – I’m listening to the playlist, with a cozy knit sweater, pants, and in a beautiful moody candlelight. All I’m missing is the heat of a chimney, to be honest. Cause I’m freezing and the heat of my house apparently is not enough.

I’m not very into typical Christmas songs, though. I mean, of course, I love Jingle Bell Rock but I get tired of this kind of music very quickly. That’s why my playlist has some of these, but it’s mostly just music that makes you feel cozy. And has that holiday sound to it, but not over the top. They don’t slap Christmas Song to your face right away basically. I hope I made my point. And I hope you enjoy my take on Christmas songs too.

Christmas Songs | Spotify Playlist

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Just wanted to say that I am so glad I stumbled across your blog while drinking my tea! Your ‘why start a blog’ post really spoke to me. Every time I think to start, I just think of reasons not to! The intimidation of the big players and their photography skills is unreal! Can’t wait to listen to this Christmas playlist all the way until Christmas.