Where I Get my Glasses: EyeBuyDirect

Where I Get my Glasses: EyeBuyDirect

I have nearsightedness and astigmatism in both my eyes. My right eye is the weaker one, though.

This condition has been worsening throughout the years. Especially my astigmatism. So I found myself in a situation a couple of years ago where I had to change my eyeglasses every year almost.

And if you wear eyeglasses you know that this can be really expensive.

Then the God of Eyeglasses showed up in my Instagram Feed; and that’s where I get my glasses: EyeBuyDirect.

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Top 5 Favorite Fashion Designers


By the photos I’ve chosen you can tell that I like a good suit right? Right.

My personal style is very similar to my designer style. It has in common that it is very minimal, and masculine sometimes. But I think my style as a designer is a little bit bolder. I experiment more and take more risks.

I am going to list my top 5 favorite designers. These designer are my favorite because I relate to them not only as a designer but also as a consumer. 

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Client Photoshoot: Anastasiya Swimwear

client photoshoot: anastasiya swimwear

Client Photoshoot: Anastasiya Swimwear

Today I wanted to show you some images I recently made for Anastasiya Swimwear.

Nastia, the designer behind the brand, is actually a good friend of mine. We went to college together (if you want to do a degree in fashion as well, read my post “4 Things To Consider Before Pursuing a Degree in Fashion Design“)

Her swimwear brand is designed in the Costa Brava (north of Spain).

Anastasiya Swimwear; Brand’s philosophy

“Anastasiya Swimwear. The swimwear brand that’s inspired by the little paradise of the Costa Brava.

Betting on the craftsmanship and comfort of each of our garments. And continuously searching and making the designs our consumers demand. Ends up making our product more adaptable to every silhouette and taste.

All our garments are made exclusively and handcrafted by professionals. 

We have our designs in all different colors. And in a wide variety of prints in different colors and textures. Always offering the best quality of existing fabrics in the market. At a price accessible to the everyone.

Anastasiya Swimwear was born in 2005, offering personalized and tailor-made models. The designer, Anastasiya Stepanenko, decided to share her passion for fashion and the desire to start her own firm that grows every year.”

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5 Key Elements Of My Personal Style

key elements of my personal styleI don’t think there is anything particularly outstanding about my style. But I do feel that there are key elements of my personal style that give it a very personal mini twist. Of course, a lot of them may have been influenced by my favorite fashion designers as well.

Let me break them down for you;


Clean lines, clean cuts, simple silhouettes, sober colors, neutrals, little to no embellishments, stripes, and dots are the only prints. Less is more, basically. 

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