My Reading List

my reading listAmong many other things, I really enjoy a good read. Problem is, I often don’t find any time to actually do it.

I’ve read most of my books in the summer months. First, because it was vacation time and I was off school, and second because during the warmers months there is nothing more relaxing than having some me-time and fuse yourself into imaginary worlds.

I’m currently reading: Anne Frank’s Diary. This is a classic, but a classic I’ve never read before. And actually, I’ve been reading it on an off because I only pick it up when I have some spare time.

I love reading novels, especially love novels and books based on true facts or just literally about history.
Don’t get me wrong I love to read books about physics too. I read most of Stephen Hawking’s books for example. But even though I really enjoyed those reads, I don’t find them as entertaining as a good love story. 

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My Phobia: Storytime

my phobiaMY PHOBIA

I have a lot of memories from when I was a kid involving spiders. But I have no recollection of ever overreacting to them, I mean I didn’t like them but I wasn’t exactly afraid of them like if my life was in danger. No phobia.
Now, I do.


One day I went with my mom and my cousin to visit some family up north, and when we were at the airport coming back home, we discovered that there were some issues with our luggage.

It was late at night and I was really tired so while my mom was arguing with the airport staff about the luggage, I fell asleep on the floor with my cousin.

When all of it was sorted out, my mom woke me up and I noticed that I had like a mosquito bite in the index finger of my right hand, but I didn’t give it any importance whatsoever because I mean, it was a mosquito bite.
Until we realized it was not.

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My Skin Issues: Rosacea


Mom, I have Rosacea.

My skin is very sensitive. Baby skin is hard rock beside mine.
I remember the last couple of years at my university, there were some specific classrooms where my face would get tomato red, balloon swelled and very very hot. Never quite figure out why.
Also, I had very small pimples in my cheek area that just would not go away.

I tried everything, you name it: acids, creams, oils, soaps, the list is endless.
Until I started to recognize some symptoms from my sister. She was diagnosed with rosacea. So I asked her if she felt the same as I did (the heat, the redness, the swell) and she said yes.

So I decided to go to my dermatologist.

She said that I had rosacea too. That it is a hereditary disease, but that I had a different type of rosacea than my sister.
I don’t remember the exact names, but what my sister has is rosacea + an allergy to the sebum on her own skin (something along those lines) and what I have is rosacea couperose. Which basically are the small little spider veins that were appearing on my face. Also said that the small pimples that would not get away were caused by the same thing.

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4 Reasons I Almost Didn’t Start a Blog

4 reasons i almost didn't start a blog

4 Reasons I Almost Didn’t Start a Blog

I bet all of you are right now like… Are you serious? YES, I’m serious.
This is important, you know? We wouldn’t be here at all If I didn’t overcome the 4 reasons I’m about to elaborate.  (And by -we- I mean my mom, my sister and my boyfriend, because nobody else reads my blog yet).

1. Nobody Would Be Interested. Not Even Myself

I don’t have a really elaborated and detailed plan about how this blog is going to be. So that means I don’t really have a neat structure about the topics I would be writing about. And the things I do know I want to share, are pretty personal. And I don’t see what about my life would attract anyone enough to stick around.

But I find that the blogs I enjoy the most, whether they are about travel, fashion, photography, lifestyle, you name it; are the ones I can relate in some way to what the blogger is writing about.

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