Blogmas Day 14 | 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 19

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 1952-Week Photo Challenge: Week 19 | Portrait: Messy

“WEEK 19: Portrait: Messy: Take an amazing portrait of someone, make a mess while you are doing it.”

Hello, you lot! For this week’s 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 19 we got a bit dirty and messy! Last month I went with Louise to Tim Hortons to finish setting up her blog. You can check it out right here if you want to.

And while we were working there, we ended up making a mess on the table – as you can imagine – With all our empty coffee cups and napkins, and stuff. So I thought and told Louise “Hey! I have to do a messy portrait for my weekly challenge. And I didn’t know what to shoot! Maybe we can take advantage of the fact that our table is a freaking mess and I could take a portrait of you!” So I did.

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Blogmas Day 7 | 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 18

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 1852-Week Photo Challenge: Week 18 | Artistic: Texture

“WEEK 18: Artistic: Texture: The artistic inspiration this week is texture. You should almost be able to feel the image.”

Can’t believe we are on Week 18 of the challenge already and a full week into Blogmas!

For this week’s 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 18 I knew exactly what I wanted to do since the moment a read the theme.

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52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 17

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 17 | Landscape: Urbanscape

“WEEK 17: Landscape: Urbanscape: Most Landscapes are wide open spaces of natural beauty… this week find the beauty of the urbanscape/cityscape.”

Welcome to this week’s 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 17! For this post, I had to photograph a beautiful urbanscape. And what city is more beautiful than my hometown Barcelooona! (Read with Freddy Mercury’s song theme)

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52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 16

52-Week Photography Challenge: Week 1652-Week Photo Challenge: Week 16 | Portrait: Movement

“WEEK 16: Portrait: Movement: Most portraits are stationary, so this week explore adding some movement. Dancing, twirling, or even hair flips.”

For this week’s 52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 16 I wanted to use one of the photos I took from Nastia @anastasiyastepanenko at El Part the other day. I love this photo because it wasn’t planned at all. She just took a moment to fix her hair and the wind started blowing and created this stunning photo if I may say so myself.

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