Experimenting With Studio Lights and Grain

Studio Lights

YAS to my first post of 2019!

As you may know from my previous Blogmas post Blogmas Day 12 | Content Update: A Few Steps In A New Direction, I’m starting a YouTube channel! And even though I’m all for the “better done than perfect” and “gear doesn’t matter” and all that jazz. As a photographer, I couldn’t help myself from wanting the best quality for my future videos.

Luckily enough, I already have the camera and lens that I want because, as I said, I’m a photographer. The thing is, I’m a natural light photographer so I don’t play much with studio lights. But since it’s winter and we run out of daylight at 4 pm, I needed artificial support to make my videos.

So I invested in a ring light! And I was super excited but when it actually got home, the ball head that screws your camera into the ring light didn’t support the weight of my camera and lens combo. It bent forward. So I had to order a sturdier one from Amazon.

So while I wait for that to arrive, I figured I could experiment a bit with my photography since I always shoot with natural light. And so I did!

All of this photos came out of focus on purpose though. Because when I took the first photo I noticed that the lighting setup gave me a “vintage film vibe”. So I wanted to push that a bit further and set everything up to make them a little out of focus. And then, in post-production, I added some grain to finish the “filmy” effect.

Did I carry out any of it? I don’t know. But that was the vibe I was feeling at the moment and I went with it. And like any other art form, photography is supposed to be experimental. So please don’t judge lol.

Studio Lights

And that’s it for today’s post! As you can tell, it was some random thing that I wanted to share with you. Not giving a single damn about SEO and stuff like that. I talked about this before on my Photography Inspiration 101 | My Secret Weapon. For those of you interested in knowing what I’m talking about.

And please let me know if you like this type of random posts in the comments below! I really appreciate your feedback so don’t hold back!

HUGE UPDATE: I wrote this post before I got my job. But I wanted to share it either way. That means no YouTube channel for now.

Read more about it here.


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