Blogmas Day 5 | Fall-Inspired Photoshoot

LouiseHello everyone! This is Blogmas Day 5 and Client Photoshoot: Episode 2!

So today I’m sharing with you guys a shoot I did at the end of October with lovely Louise @louise.eclectic. A beautiful Danish blogger that was staying in Barcelona for a couple of months.

She reached out to me because she needed photos for her upcoming blog. 

Since we are officially into the more festive and Christmasy feels. I wanted to say goodbye to my favorite season – Fall – with a remembrance of one of my favorite shoots. And it was a fall-inspired photoshoot too, so it fits perfectly!

Louise made sure to style her outfits accordingly to create the perfect fall-inspired shoot. And the rest she left for me to capture and create in post-production.

She wanted to have her photos taken in the streets of Barcelona so she can show on her blog that she lived here for a little while.

And to capture that fall aesthetic to completely nail this fall-inspired shoot, we rely on: Her outfits, the sunset light, the yellow and orange trees, and post-production magic, of course.

You can see the full session here.

Let me know in the comments below if you liked this shoot? What’s your favorite season? And a link to your own fall-inspired shoot for us to watch too!

PS: Goodbye Louise! I’m gonna miss you ♥


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