Fashion Wishlist: Summer Edition

It’s June, it’s almost summer and I’ve got my fashion wishlist summer edition ready.

Barcelona wanted to continue with its usual bipolar weather so I find myself with a turtleneck one day and with a t-shirt the next one. So because I’ve been fantasizing about warmer days, I’ve made a list of things that I want to get for summer.

My personal style would be minimal. I love wearing neutral colors, and black most of all. If I’m feeling a little extravagant my print of choice are stripes. I like clean lines and cuts and I don’t like embellishments at all. Would pretty much sum it up as minimal, monochromatic and masculine. I love giving a masculine twist to everything I wear.

If I had to pick two essential pieces of my wardrobe that would have to be a pair of jeans and a blazer. I love a good tailoring.

Shoes-wise I adore a good pair of black ankle boots for the colder months and tan or black sandals for the summer. Converse are something that can’t leave my wardrobe either.

Coming from a hot place like Cancun -and I mean that literally and metaphorically- I was really tired of the summer wardrobe because you know, the only seasons we have there are summer season and the football season. And I’m not really sure we have the later.

So my favorite seasons to play dress up are fall and winter. The possibilities are endless. But when you’ve had a few months of cold you start to miss the sun kissing your skin. And right now, I am exactly at that point, so here’s the list of things that I’d like to wear this summer.

BDG Flood Ecru Jeans:

fashion wishlish summer

Weekday Seattle Week Blue Jeans: 

fashion wishlish summer weekday jeans

H&M Beige Paperbag shorts: 

fashion wishlish summer H&M

Uniqlo’s basic t-shirts in black white gray and blush:

fashion wishlish summer Uniqlo

ASOS – River Island double stripe sliders: 

fashion wishlish summer asos river island

Mango; White blazer:

fashion wishlish summer mango blazer

Mango; Round Bag:

fashion wishlish summer mango bag

Zara dress:

fashion wishlish summer zara dress

Hope this inspired you in some way and that I am no longer the only one craving summer.

Have you made your summer wishlist too? Let me know in the comments so we can share the love with you!


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