Favorite Things About Autumn

Favorite Things About AutumnFavorite Things About AutumnFavorite Things About Autumn

Hey guys! So in today’s post, I’m going to give you a list of my favorite things about autumn, which are basically all the reasons why Fall is my favorite season of them all!

This is just a casual and random blog post because, to be honest, I’ve been putting all my time and energy to create videos for Youtube or IGTV (like this one). And boy do they take time! But you know what? I’m loving it so much!! I get excited to do every single aspect of them! Whether it is the planning, or the filming, editing. And also posting it and seeing your guys’ reaction!

If you haven’t joined my youtube family yet, I would totally love to see you there! The same goes for my Instagram! And if you are already a part of this little family of mine, THANK YOU!

Anyway, let’s jump right into today’s post!


  1. Cold weather
  2. Hot coffee
  3. Layering clothes
  4. Fall fashion
  5. Orange trees
  6. Falling leaves
  7. Pumpkin spice lattes
  8. Feeling warm and cozy inside
  9. Crisp air
  10. Fall scents
  11. Vlogtober
  12. Wearing socks
  13. Soups / Hot food
  14. Wearing scarfs
  15. Listening to the rain
  16. Wrapping myself in a blanket
  17. Lighting candles
  18. Sweater weather
  19. Hot chocolate
  20. Caramel season
  21. Hot drinks
  22. Cool days and cozy nights
  23. Festivities
  24. Snuggling
  25. The feeling that Christmas is around the corner

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