Feeling Femenine With Rosefield


I feel so lucky that I’m able to collaborate with a brand that I love as much as Rosefield. I’m absolutely obsessed with their fine, minimalistic and elegant jewelry. And I’ve been sent a really beautiful bracelet to share with you guys. It belongs to their new The Amber Collection.

I have a really thin wrist so I adore that this is an open bracelet so that I can push a little to make it fit. It’s a beautiful gold bracelet with a pearl and a shell-shaped piece hanging in the center.Rosefield

RosefieldI’m very simple when it comes to jewelry, to be honest. So simple that I always use the same necklace. Sometimes use rings (although I absolutely love rings), and almost never wear earrings. But the later one is because I’m very sensitive and I always get infections, so I don’t wear earrings on the daily.

The one thing that I noticed I never buy, or look for; are bracelets. I don’t know why. Rosefield has definitely changed that because let’s be honest. This bracelet looks absolutely fantastic.

You can check out the entire The Amber Collection by clicking here. And you can have 10% off your first purchase by using my code “andrea.bou”.

Happy shopping!


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