Five Closet Cleaning Tips To Follow

closet cleaning tipsIt’s the middle of summer and I now found myself wishing for colder days. Happens all the time. You always want what you can’t have.

Blondes wanna be brunettes, curly-haired babes want straight hair, in summer you miss winter, vice-versa and a big fat ETC.

Because in Barcelona there are more “colder” months than warmer, my knitwear/coat department is bigger than the dress department. But every once in awhile is best if you do some cleaning so the new stuff can fit in. Regardless of the season.

But right now, I want to make some space to fit in the new finds for the upcoming fall and winter into my minimal closet. And because this is a complicated task, I want to share with you some of my tips and tricks.

If you visualize the content of your entire closet you’ll probably realize we only really wear like 20% of it at best. And somehow we never have anything to wear! So it is actually a lot of space wasted on clothes you don’t even wear. So its time to throw them out!



Oh hello, mountain!

Let’s start by actually giving our closet a good cleanse. It’s been a while since you’ve actually seen it empty, so go ahead and dust off a little.


The order is up to you. Whether it’s in category order (all shirts, all tanks, all t-shirts, all dresses), by color, by lengths, etc. While you are at it, make a separate mountain for the things you are not sure, and another mountain for the things you definitely know you want to get rid off.

PRO TIP: Always keep the quality basics.


Except for jeans, you never get rid of jeans. Just kidding.

To determine which of your duplicates to ditch, just decide which one fits you better. Or which one you feel more comfortable with. Or which one you use more. You get the drill.


The pile of clothes that’ll stay, you can now put them back in your closet. By now, the ones in your “I don’t know” pile, should be correctly organized between the keep and ditch piles.

Take advantage of the fact that your closet is completely empty, so put your clothes back in good order.


Don’t literally throw away your clothes.

There are a lot of people out there that can give your clothes so much needed love, and a second chance.

And not just clothes, also shoes, accessories or anything else that can be of value to somebody else. Donate.

Do you have any different tips? Share them with me in the comments below! And make sure you follow me on Instagram!



  1. August 29, 2018 / 1:28 PM

    Piles and the end task of reorganizing is my favorite way of truly seeing everything that I have! I’ve tried to clean my closet by just sorting through the hangers and it’s never as effective as I want it to be! And I totally agree, if something is in good condition I’ll always pass it along to family or will take it to a local donation center so nothing is wasted. Also if I’m strapped for cash, I’ll send the best quality stuff over to a consignment or secondhand store or will post ’em on Poshmark just to make a little extra money on the special pieces that I just don’t get use out of anymore. 🙂

    • andrea
      August 31, 2018 / 5:52 PM

      For me is not that fun of a task! But I really enjoy the fresh and clean feeling when everything is organized afterward!

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