How To Style a White Button-Down

In this video, I show you how to style a white button-down + a bunch of layering tips to transition your all-year-round oversized white shirt from summer to fall.

I hope you liked today’s video because I filmed it in a different format (make sure to let me know!) I also hope you found these styling tips helpful and don’t hesitate to leave any questions/requests for future style videos in the comments below.

Also, this will be the first (ish) of a new series I will do on my channel called “10 Ways to Style”. Some of you already left some requests on IG, such as; leather trousers, trenchcoats, oversized blazers, blue jeans, etc. Leave any suggestions below!

PS. I’m sorry for my robotic voice in the voice over. I had eyes on me and I was nervous, so I ended up reading the script instead of just talking to you guys. That won’t happen in the upcoming videos though 😉 Thanks for watching!


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