I’m Back | Leaving Barcelona, Updating The Blog, and More

I'm backWhat. Is. Up??

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m back!

It’s been a total ride the past few months. And I actually don’t want to get into much detail, but long story short; I’m back in the game.

A few weeks ago I quit my job because my boyfriend and I are moving to Madrid anytime now. We don’t have exact dates though. My last day at work is May 31st, and then my sister and her family come to Barcelona for a few days. So obviously I want to be here for that. But after they leave town, the engine will start moving towards our move.

All of these changes are nerve-wracking but oh so exciting at the same time! I want to document everything and start creating content again. You have no idea how much I miss my camera. She comes out to play once in a while still because I’ve been uploading stuff over on my Instagram (go follow me if you haven’t already) But it’s not the same.

I'm backI’m also currently looking for a job in Madrid, as a fashion designer of course.
My time in Oysho was a special roller coaster. Short, intense and sweet. But I’ve learned more than anywhere else in my career. And I’m so grateful for that.

Another thing that I’m looking forward to is finding a new home! And decorating it! Pinterest has been my closest ally and my worst enemy for the past few weeks! I’m sure you’d understand.

Talking about changes, you should also expect to see some changes here on the blog. I’m planning on changing the overall theme, content, and way of doing things. But this takes time, and since I’m currently working a full-time job still, I don’t have much of that. But soon! I just couldn’t wait any longer to tell you all about it. So just be patient (I know I have to learn to be just that).

I’m so excited – and afraid – of what’s to come. But I’m sure things will work out just fine. I’m taking it one day at a time. And I could use so much of your help right now regarding what you’d like to see from me! I know I already asked for this in a previous post, but that was a long time ago! So please leave me your ideas in the comments below, or through DMs. I would really appreciate that!

I’m back! Yup. And it feels so good!


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