I’ve Created a Second Instagram Account!

Instagram Account

Scrolling through Instagram during and after lockdown made me come to the realization that most of the pictures on every single Instagram account were mirror selfies. It is quite obvious because, since COVID, we couldn’t go outside (some people still can’t) and the only natural way to make content was inside our homes. And not being able to reach out to photographers, and the majority being the once creating the content themselves, it was obvious that mirror selfies were the way to go. And they started to go viral too!

In the beginning, I wasn’t quite fond of the idea of seeing a feed that every single photo was literally the same. But the more I saw it, the more I understood it was fulfilling a different purpose.

When you follow one of these accounts you know exactly what you’ll get because they post the same every single day. So I decided to get my own.

As of now, I have officially two Instagram accounts;

· andrea.bou as my main page, where I share fashion and lifestyle content (more aesthetically pleasing).
· bouedited as my second page, where I share real-time daily outfits inspiration.

I hope I’ll see you guys at both! Xx


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