January Favorites

January FavoritesHola hola!

As the title suggests I’m sharing with you guys my January Favorites; going from fashion to apps, to lifestyle, to whatever I really enjoyed this past month. I’m sure y’all know how monthly favorites work though.

I didn’t have mortal time to try a lot of new things this past month, but I’m sharing the few that I did. Got a new pair of straight leg jeans from & Other Stories which I’m finding very difficult not to wear on a daily basis because I am obsessed.

Also been trying out a Maybelline Fit Me foundations + powder and I’ve been really loving it! Its amazing how many wonderful things you can find at the drugstore without breaking the bank. And talking about expensive, I’ve been really liking the Benefit Lip Tint for my lips. I look really tired and dead throughout the week and this brings a little color to my face and lips and its super comfortable because it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all.

Even though I’m a Converse kinda gal, there are times I don’t wear mine at all. But this past month Converse have been basically the only shoes that I have worn. That and my favorite Chelsea boots.

I was really shocked by the news of the CEO of The Ordinary. He actually died the day I ordered from the website for the first time in a while. Which made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I got the Glycolic Acid Toner and Azelaic Acid. And I swear by these two!

Also got a couple of basic stuff like underwear. And a jacket from Mango which I’ll be showing in my feed very soon. And that is about it. Maybe not. Find out in the photos below. Love ya!



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