My Favorite The Body Shop Products

The Body ShopHey guys! As some of you may know I’m an ambassador for The Body Shop. And they were kind enough to send me some of my favorite products and some new ones to try out.

So I wanted to make a post – this is not sponsored – sharing with you my favorite products, and why I loved them so much!

I also wanted to say that I absolutely love what The Body Shop stands for. It is a completely vegan and cruelty-free brand. And they make campaigns throughout the year to help this planet out!

They told me that they are currently reforesting some areas around the world. And I find that what they are doing it’s incredibly important to share. And let people know so that we can all get involved and support these amazing projects.


The Body Shop

I am completely obsessed with this mask! I swear it works magic! As some of you may know, I have rosacea. And the first time I tried this mask out, was a day that I got home with my face burning red and I couldn’t handle it anymore. So I remember I recently got a soothing mask from The Body Shop and thought I could give it a try. And OH-MY-GOD. I swear to god, I left this masks on for 10 minutes and the moment rinsed it off, my face wasn’t red anymore. Yes, it was as good as it sounds!

Plus my skin felt really soft because this mask has little bids and it exfoliated my skin. 10/10 would recommend. (Well, I’d recommend all of the products I’ll mention, cause I wouldn’t mention them if I didn’t like them).


This was no new product for me because I actually been using The Body Shop body butters for many years now. And the Almond one was actually one of my favorites. So I was really happy when they sent me this one in particular.

I find this one to have a very thick consistency. So the way I like to apply it is after I take a shower. Since the bathroom is filled with vapor and moist, your skin even though it dried out with your towel. It still retains some moisture. So I like to apply the body butter at that specific moment because it helps with its thick texture to glide on the skin with no problem.


The Body Shop

This is another product that blew my mind. I even had to do some Instagram Stories showing my followers how magical this product is. (I think I have then under my “Daily” highlights if you wish to see for yourself). It melts your makeup away. Even waterproof mascara! It’s so easy to remove your makeup at night. Been using it since the moment I received it. It’s incredible!

One thing to mention though, it does leave like a greasy film on your skin. So the way I use it to prevent this from happening. Is by applying it all over my face in circular motions, letting this butter do its magical work. And when all of my makeup is melted and I look like a raccoon. I proceed with a makeup remover wipe and with one simple swipe, everything goes away. Even the greasy film.

Then I proceed with my usual skincare routine.


The Body Shop

I received all of the Moringa scented products for Christmas. And I have to say, I think it’s one of my favorite scent from The Body Shop. They gave me the Shower Gel, which smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling so so soft! I also got the Body Scrub, same scent. And this one I really really liked because it’s so gentle, yet it removed all of your dead skin, and your skin feels amazing afterward.

I also got the Moringa Body Butter, which I already stated my love for it and the way I like to apply it.

And finally, a Moringa Hand Cream, which stays permanently inside my bag. And a Moringa Body Mist. Which is my day to day “perfume” when there’s no point in wearing anything fancy.


The Body Shop

And last but not least, the Born Lippy lip balms.

I haven’t tried anything so hydrating for the lips in a while. And the leave the most perfect and subtle hint of color on your lips.

The only dangerous thing I find with these lip balms, it’s that they taste amazing so I keep eating them. So I don’t think they will last me long if I continue with this behavior, lol.

I got them in the following flavors and I’m mentioning them in order from my most favorite to my least most favorite (cause I love ’em all): Watermelon (light peach), Strawberry (red), Clementine (orange), Rasberry (Pink), and Passionberry (Purple).



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