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Canon 6D Mark II with Canon 50mm 1.4 photography gearI’m going to talk about my photography gear and evolution of it. As well as my wishlist for the future. But more importantly, I wanted to introduce a kind of -photography series- with future blog posts.

Nowadays with the advances in technology, we can get hold of a relatively good camera by just buying a smartphone. So everyone now can take quality images and believe they are a photographer.
I think photography goes much deeper than just holding a camera, pointing and shooting.

So in this new series called Photography Tips Series, my intention is to teach you the basics regarding photography so that you realize that just the basics are much complicated than to point and shoot. And hopefully, teach you and encourage you to make better photos.
And to respect the work of other photographers now knowing the skills, time and effort needed to achieve good photos.

The photography series will touch mainly 4 topics:

  • the gear
  • basics and settings
  • storage and back up
  • the edits

By the end of the series, I will have covered all the basic stuff you need to know to actually shoot in Manual Mode, learn the differences between camera sensors, explaining the focal lengths of the lenses and what difference it makes to your photography, explaining how the 3 main parts of a good exposure works, and a better understanding of the importance of composition. What software to use to edit your photos and the importance of editing itself.

In addition to a whole lot of important information which I will explain in more detail on each of these posts.

My first DSLR camera was actually inherited by my father. A Nikon D5100.
Both my parents started photography as a hobby a few years ago.
They specialize in wildlife photography.

Over the years is common for photographers to increase and renew their photography gear. So, of course, the first camera that my dad started with (the Nikon D5100) is no longer the camera he uses now (Nikon D850)

He gave it to me because I needed a DSLR camera for a photography class at my university. By that point, I was really into photography, hence why I took that class. But I didn’t know a lot of the technicalities and basic properties of photography. Obviously, at that point, I shot in Auto Mode.
It took not only that class, but a lot of tutorials, courses, and a hell lot of practice and time to get better and better and to fully understand what photography really is about.

Fujifilm XT20 with Fujinon 35mm F2 WR photography gear

When I finished university I started working in a fashion retail company. I didn’t pursue further on my photography as deep as I’m now. I bought a smaller but incredible mirrorless camera which is a Fujifilm X-T20 which came with a kit zoom lens Fujinon 16-50mm. This lens wasn’t fulfilling my needs at that stage in my photography. So I invested in a better lens a Fujinon 35mm F2 WR.

I started using this camera only because it was easier carrying it around since it was smaller than the Nikon, and I had invested a lot in it and it was what I considered my main camera.

When I flew home to visit my family after my 6-month contract with this company ended, my sister was in need of a camera for her work and because I wasn’t using it anymore and I felt that camera was still my fathers’ we gave the Nikon to her.

Since this trip was like the main source of my plans changing and it was then that I decided that I would be happier taking photos, I enrolled in a bunch of different online courses to further my knowledge and to practice more with my photography.


It came to a point when I now needed a better camera than this and I really wanted a full frame camera.

My eyes were on the Canon 5D Mark IV, but this is a hell of an expensive piece of photography gear and I wasn’t earning any money with my photography to actually justify spending that much money in a full frame camera.
So I set my bar a bit lower and finally went with the highly debated Canon 6D Mark II. I bought it body only, and bought a 50mm 1.4 USM lens with it.

Since then I have been continuously practicing, I’ve actually started selling my photography in stock agencies. And now offering services as a portrait and fashion photographer.

The kind of photography that I like doing requires me to have a specific range of lenses.
But photography equipment is really expensive. So this is a photography gear kit that will slowly grow for me, but I will eventually get there.

My wishlist:

*All from Canon if possible

A lot of technical terms in this blog post are going to sound alien to you. Especially if you are completely oblivious to photography. But these are terms that I will explain in my photography series Photography Tips.
So if you are interested in learning these with me, stick around and subscribe to my newsletter. That way you’ll be the first to know when they come!

PS. If you are already into photography by now, you are probably wondering. How an initially Nikon shooter, changed to Fuji and then ended up with Canon photography gear?

I’ll leave that story for the future as well…


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