My Photography Wishlist Illustrated

The other day I shared on Instagram stories that I had a rough day, and that I started drawing out of nowhere and it made me feel so much better! Also said something about how I had forgotten how soothing drawing can be. Anyway, what I ended up drawing was my photography wishlist and I loved the result!
The lines are a little shaky, basically because I’m a little rusty on the matter. But I’m in love with them.

I hope you like this kind of post since it’s totally different from what I usually post here. But I enjoyed it so much, that it probably won’t be the last time that I do this. I’m even considering getting an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to draw better – I’m currently making these illustrations in Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet – which works just fine. But I think with the iPad it would be SO much better.

Also, the illustrations are in order of importance. I would like to acquire all of them at once, obviously. But since they are so expensive and that is close to impossible for me at the moment. I’m saving to buy them one by one, in this exact order.


Photography Wishlist

  • Canon 24-70mm 2.8 USM II. Taking into consideration the type of photography I like to do – portraits, fashion, lifestyle – this lens is one of the most versatile options I can get my hands on. It’s incredibly sharp and fast. And covers basically all of the focal lengths I’m interested in at the moment. I currently own a 35mm and a 50mm. And I would also love to get Canon’s 100mm Macro. But the 24-70 is my dream lens right now!

Photography Wishlist

  • Bowen Travelite 750 (link to similar). I shoot with natural light 99% of the time. But when I’m not, I use a Speedlite. And to be honest I’ve been wanting to venture into the world of studio flashes for a while. And since I just recently moved to Madrid, my new home has enough space to have a home studio. So I really want to try these out.

Photography Wishlist

  • ONA The Leather Prince Street Camera Bag. It’s so hard to find a camera bag that isn’t plain and boring. But I finally found the one. Being this ONA bag! The camera bag of my dreams indeed. And I’m also after one of their camera straps. They’re just great at what they do. Love their overall aesthetic.

Photography Wishlist

  • Film Photography. I’ve been dying to venture into the world of film photography. I’ve been hesitant because I would need to buy a film camera, the film, and pay to develop that film every single time. But I think there’s something so special in film photos that I really want to try it out. I illustrated PORTRA 400 because I know it’s one of the film photographer’s favorites. And for sure, it will be the first film I try out when I finally get a film camera.

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