My Skin Issues: Rosacea


Mom, I have Rosacea.

My skin is very sensitive. Baby skin is hard rock beside mine.
I remember the last couple of years at my university, there were some specific classrooms where my face would get tomato red, balloon swelled and very very hot. Never quite figure out why.
Also, I had very small pimples in my cheek area that just would not go away.

I tried everything, you name it: acids, creams, oils, soaps, the list is endless.
Until I started to recognize some symptoms from my sister. She was diagnosed with rosacea. So I asked her if she felt the same as I did (the heat, the redness, the swell) and she said yes.

So I decided to go to my dermatologist.

She said that I had rosacea too. That it is a hereditary disease, but that I had a different type of rosacea than my sister.
I don’t remember the exact names, but what my sister has is rosacea + an allergy to the sebum on her own skin (something along those lines) and what I have is rosacea couperose. Which basically are the small little spider veins that were appearing on my face. Also said that the small pimples that would not get away were caused by the same thing.

I am writing in present tense. I am saying that my sister and I HAVE rosacea, not had. And that’s because it is an incurable disease at the moment. In my understanding doctors have yet to figure out exactly what causes it. So there are treatments, but not a cure.


My doctor told me that one of the treatments that they found works best at the moment was IPL, which stands by Intense Pulsed Light.
So she recommended us to do that once a month, and she then gave us specific prescription drugs.

We had in common the face soap; Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant, and the day cream; Metrogel (generic is metronidazole)
The night cream was different because it was targeted to that specific difference in our rosacea. Mine was Presteme (generic is ivermectin).
And she also gave me a moisturizer specific for my condition because I have combination skin, and the parts that are dry, get uncomfortably dry; Bioderma Sensibio AR.


The change is amazing. I saw an outstanding improvement within days of my first IPL treatment. I still have my face a lot more red than the rest of my body. But it is very subtle now in comparison to what it used to be.

My skin texture has improved amazingly. I no longer have those annoying persistent pimples. And since the day I started my face hasn’t bloated and I haven’t felt that heat sensation again.

So If you find yourself recognizing any of these symptoms I highly suggest you go see your dermatologist.

Because even though you probably have rosacea too, maybe you have a specific condition that is different than what my sister has or I have. And the stuff someone may use to combat may worsen other’s condition if it is not correctly diagnosed.

The reason I made this post is just to help you guys target and recognize whatever symptoms you may have been noticing and encourage you to go see a doctor. Hope this helped a little!

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a professional dermatologist, I’m just sharing my personal skin issues and remedies. If you feel you have the same symptoms as I do, I highly suggest you get an appointment with your dermatologist. And always remember what works for me, may not work for you.


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