New Blog Theme and Other Random Things as Usual

New Blog Theme

New Blog ThemeHappy Monday!

Guys… I’m thinking of getting a new dog.
The timing couldn’t be worse, but I’m having puppy fever!! Timing really sucks though. We are going to start moving out eventually any time soon, and an extra thing to worry about is not the smartest move. But I’m dying to get one! Her name would be Nuez. Yes, I have names and everything. Should I get her? Probably shouldn’t. Right? Right.

Anyway, as you can see, there’s a new blog theme! Like I said in last week’s post; I was going to make some overall changes around here, mainly to start afresh. I really hope it is intuitive to scroll through but in case it isn’t, here’s a quick summary:


The menu at the top-left corner of the website is divided into About, Blog, Designs, Photos, and Contact. Which most of them are really self-explanatory, but you never know.

  • About – pretty obvious.
  • Blog – Summs up the 3 main categories of this blog; fashion, photography, and lifestyle.
  • Designs – Fashion design portfolio
  • Photos – Photography portfolio
  • Contact – pretty obvious.

Also, you will notice that some of them have sub-menus; which are also very self-explanatory.


The home-page is divided by many sections. The first one being: The Latest Posts; which will showcase the 3 most recent blog post.

If you scroll down, you will see three more sections which are the 3 main categories of this blog; lifestyle, photography, and fashion. Showcasing the most recent posts in each category. If you want to see all posts of a specific category, you just have to go to the menu and click on the category you are interested in. It will take you to a page where you will have all of the content corresponding to that specific category.


Then I wanted to add a section for my Photography Tips Series because these four blog posts are one of my most searched ones and I wanted to make them visible and accessible for everyone.

Last but not least, you will see a widget containing my social media links, my current location, and a showcase of my most recent Instagram posts. You can also find my social links in the top-right corner of the website.

Also, while you scroll down, between the Lifestyle and Photography sections I added a little section called Never Miss a Post, which is my mailing list subscription. This way you will receive a monthly update of the blog on your mailbox, in case you didn’t get to read my blog posts live. And you will also get exclusive news, discounts or whatever special thing I have to offer; for example: Selling my presets, which a lot of you guys have been asking for! That may come soon. Stay tuned.

Please let me know what you guys think of the new blog theme, and any feedback will be greatly appreciated as always!

Hope you have an amazing week!


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