Client Photoshoot: Anastasiya Swimwear

client photoshoot: anastasiya swimwear

Client Photoshoot: Anastasiya Swimwear

Today I wanted to show you some images I recently made for Anastasiya Swimwear.

Nastia, the designer behind the brand, is actually a good friend of mine. We went to college together (if you want to do a degree in fashion as well, read my post “4 Things To Consider Before Pursuing a Degree in Fashion Design“)

Her swimwear brand is designed in the Costa Brava (north of Spain).

Anastasiya Swimwear; Brand’s philosophy

“Anastasiya Swimwear. The swimwear brand that’s inspired by the little paradise of the Costa Brava.

Betting on the craftsmanship and comfort of each of our garments. And continuously searching and making the designs our consumers demand. Ends up making our product more adaptable to every silhouette and taste.

All our garments are made exclusively and handcrafted by professionals. 

We have our designs in all different colors. And in a wide variety of prints in different colors and textures. Always offering the best quality of existing fabrics in the market. At a price accessible to the everyone.

Anastasiya Swimwear was born in 2005, offering personalized and tailor-made models. The designer, Anastasiya Stepanenko, decided to share her passion for fashion and the desire to start her own firm that grows every year.”

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Photography Tips Series: The Edits

photography tips series: the editsPhotography Tips Series: The Edits

Welcome to the last episode of the Photography Tips Series: The Edits! And the most entertaining one too! At least for me…

Remeber that if you have any questions along the way, I will always answer them! Just leave them in the comments below. Also, it’s a good idea if you pin to Pinterest (redundant), all of the thumbnails of each of the four posts in this series, so you can reach out to them whenever you need to. By the way, do you follow me on Pinterest already? Would love it if you do!

As I told you in the Basics and Settings episode, it is very important for you to shoot in RAW. But when you do, you will need an editing software to develop those RAW files.

In this post, I am going to explain how I do just that with my own photos.


Anyone has its own style and taste for colors, shadows, highlights, skin tones, etc. And you will discover your own style by practicing a lot (like everything in life). And by trial and error.

You’ll probably mess it up a few times before finally being comfortable with your results. Also, you’ll style will change and evolve. You’ll start liking how your images look with a cool tone and then you’ll hate it and dig hard on those warmer tones. It’s a never-ending process actually, but it is really fun. 

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My Reading List

my reading listAmong many other things, I really enjoy a good read. Problem is, I often don’t find any time to actually do it.

I’ve read most of my books in the summer months. First, because it was vacation time and I was off school, and second because during the warmers months there is nothing more relaxing than having some me-time and fuse yourself into imaginary worlds.

I’m currently reading: Anne Frank’s Diary. This is a classic, but a classic I’ve never read before. And actually, I’ve been reading it on an off because I only pick it up when I have some spare time.

I love reading novels, especially love novels and books based on true facts or just literally about history.
Don’t get me wrong I love to read books about physics too. I read most of Stephen Hawking’s books for example. But even though I really enjoyed those reads, I don’t find them as entertaining as a good love story. 

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5 Key Elements Of My Personal Style

key elements of my personal styleI don’t think there is anything particularly outstanding about my style. But I do feel that there are key elements of my personal style that give it a very personal mini twist. Of course, a lot of them may have been influenced by my favorite fashion designers as well.

Let me break them down for you;


Clean lines, clean cuts, simple silhouettes, sober colors, neutrals, little to no embellishments, stripes, and dots are the only prints. Less is more, basically. 

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