Photography Tips Series: Basics and Settings

photography tips series: basics and settingsPhotography Tips Series: Basics and Settings

In the first part of this Photography Tips Series, we talked about the gear. In this second part, we are getting a bit more technical, so grab a coffee or something energizing because this one is gonna be tough. Welcome to the second part; Photography Tips Series: Basics and Settings.

To help you better understand all the technicalities that I’m going to shoot your way, I’ve made some cheat sheets for you to have on your phone to check them out when in doubt.

Also, I recommend pinning all of these cheat sheets to your Pinterest for future reference. And while you are at it, maybe a follow for me too?

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My Skin Issues: Rosacea


Mom, I have Rosacea.

My skin is very sensitive. Baby skin is hard rock beside mine.
I remember the last couple of years at my university, there were some specific classrooms where my face would get tomato red, balloon swelled and very very hot. Never quite figure out why.
Also, I had very small pimples in my cheek area that just would not go away.

I tried everything, you name it: acids, creams, oils, soaps, the list is endless.
Until I started to recognize some symptoms from my sister. She was diagnosed with rosacea. So I asked her if she felt the same as I did (the heat, the redness, the swell) and she said yes.

So I decided to go to my dermatologist.

She said that I had rosacea too. That it is a hereditary disease, but that I had a different type of rosacea than my sister.
I don’t remember the exact names, but what my sister has is rosacea + an allergy to the sebum on her own skin (something along those lines) and what I have is rosacea couperose. Which basically are the small little spider veins that were appearing on my face. Also said that the small pimples that would not get away were caused by the same thing.

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Fashion Wishlist: Summer Edition

It’s June, it’s almost summer and I’ve got my fashion wishlist summer edition ready.

Barcelona wanted to continue with its usual bipolar weather so I find myself with a turtleneck one day and with a t-shirt the next one. So because I’ve been fantasizing about warmer days, I’ve made a list of things that I want to get for summer.

My personal style would be minimal. I love wearing neutral colors, and black most of all. If I’m feeling a little extravagant my print of choice are stripes. I like clean lines and cuts and I don’t like embellishments at all. Would pretty much sum it up as minimal, monochromatic and masculine. I love giving a masculine twist to everything I wear.

If I had to pick two essential pieces of my wardrobe that would have to be a pair of jeans and a blazer. I love a good tailoring.

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Photography Tips Series: The Gear

photography tips series: the gearPHOTOGRAPHY TIPS SERIES: THE GEAR

I am going to start this Photography Tips Series: The Gear by answering (or not) the most common question “what gear should I buy?“.

Being hundreds of models out there I understand that it can be really overwhelming to make a decision.
But I think the most important question is “what kind of photography do you want to make?”.

There are a lot of technical aspects of a camera, and photography in general and I am not going to get extremely into these because it can be a pain in the butt. But I will get into it far enough for you to be able to decide which camera and lenses fill your needs.

If you are a beginner the most important thing is to go out there and practice. Your photography will improve with that. The gear is not taking the picture, you are. So having a better equipment doesn’t mean you’ll take better photos. So keep that in mind. Practice is key. So the first investment doesn’t have to be huge.

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