Summer Sales | Come Online Shopping With Me

Hey there! Long time no see. Like I said on my Instagram stories, I’m not saying I’m back, but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

And I’m sorry that what I decided to talk about first, is sales and online shopping. But I think that it is a nice getaway and disconnection from all the things that have been going on – and I’m not saying that they are not important – quite the contrary.

I just think there are plenty of better spaces to inform and educate yourselves about those different matters. Whether it is the BLM movement, coronavirus, economic crisis, etc.

This blog is my fashion and lifestyle heaven. So that’s what I’m going to focus my content on.

I know I recently posted a blog post about not being sure when, or if I’ll ever be back. But the inspiration hit me the other day and I decided to go with the flow. I’m just taking it real slow.

I’m thinking of starting to post youtube videos again soon, but as I said, I’m taking it slow. Just make sure to subscribe there, or over on my Instagram to stay up to date.

I’m a cold-weather gal, I prefer fall and winter fashion much more than summers. I think I’ve said that enough times in this blog throughout the years. But this year I somehow connected with my feminine side, and I’m all about skirts and dresses. And most surprisingly, floral prints.

Since the summer sales have started I wanted to put together a shopping list, so that you can come online shopping with me.






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