The 9€ Amazon Find That Brought My Sweaters Back To Life

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The 9€ Amazon Find That Brought My Sweaters Back To Life

I can’t tell you how many sweaters I’ve thrown away because of those annoying sweater pills they make through time and washes. TOO MANY. And it doesn’t matter how expensive they may have been. Because even though I invest in quality sweaters – which I totally recommend doing it as well – in time they ball up too.

But my prayers were answered by Amazon. A freaking 9,90€ magic spell that shaves away all of my problems and makes my closet – and my heart – happy again!

Amazon FindLet me introduce you to THE life saver – Phillips GC026 Fabric Shaver. Thanks to my Amazon Prime account, this baby got home the day after I ordered it. The only thing that annoys me is that it needs AA batteries. I prefer a charger. But hey, this thing makes magic so I won’t complain over a couple of batteries, right?

I was a little afraid to test it out at first because I didn’t know how aggressive it would be on my sweaters. So I tried it on a very old sweater that I own and OMG, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Amazon FindI just kindly swipe it over the entire sweater – or only over the problem areas – and all the pills went away in no time! I would recommend doing it with a soft hand though. Because if you press too hard it may tear up your garments.

I imagine there would be many other options on the market. Especially ones with a charger instead of needing batteries. But I find this one does the job perfectly and I’m sticking with it in the meantime.

I’ll leave you now with some Before and After photos to prove to you this thing really works and its pure magic! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Ps. I’m sorry for all the hairs. I own a Pomeranian and the struggle is real.

Before & After

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OH MY GOD! I’m literally buying this right now. It’s such a a waste throwing away sweaters or cardigans that pill. Thank you girly!

Xo Logan


Whatttttt. This is definite game changer! Thanks in advance for reviving my closet! 😛


That’s amazing! I have so many sweaters and deal with this all the time. I’m going to have to check this out.


Wow, what a difference. Thanks for sharing this hack! I get so annoyed when my sweaters start looking old.


In desperate need of this! I have no many sweaters with a lot of pills.


WHAT I need to try that! I have so many sweaters at home that are just sitting in the back of my closet because of pills. Also, don’t worry about the dog hair, I think everyone with an animal understands the struggle haha

Lauren |

Jordan Nelson

Girl yes. Reposting to save a life. Sweater pills are the malaria of clothes.
Jordan |