The Battle of The Summer Dresses

Summer DressesSummer DressesSummer Dresses

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with summer dresses throughout my entire life. When I was a teenager, I was very girly. And I used to wear dresses and skirts all the time. I guess living in Cancun helped with that since it’s summer all year long here.

As I grew older I started hating how I looked in dresses. Or skirts. I’ve always felt inclined towards the masculine attires. Manly trousers, brogues, oversized blazers, shirts. You name it. And you may wonder what the hell I wear during the warmer months. Shorts, I wear shorts. Up until this summer.

Funny enough, this falling back in love with summer dresses, started because I came back to Cancun. I guess the heat has strong effects on my fashion sense. But I went shopping with my sister and I came back with summer dresses ONLY. But the heat is so strong here that I couldn’t buy anything different.

Instagram is another culprit though. You know how that goes, you endlessly scroll consuming all that graphic information that has nothing else to do, than selling stuff. And since it’s summer, all I see is girls in pretty summer dresses. I succumbed to peer pressure I guess.

One of the many summer dresses I bought that day with my sister, is the one featured in these photos. A long, flowy, breathable dress from H&M.

Another thing to note, is that even though buying and wearing summer dresses is a little bit outside of my comfort zone. My mom had a good laugh about the fact that every single dress that I bought, was black and white in some way. So I guess I didn’t drifted that far, lol.



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