The Pink Sweater Edition

Random Fact

Random Fact: I never thought I would ever say this. But my new favorite sweater… is pink.

I hated pink for so long that I truly never thought I would ever like it again. But now, I’m obsessed with this specific shade.

This bad boy is from Uniqlo. Which I personally think is one of the best brands for affordable knitwear out there. Especially because of their quality. I have shopped at other places that have the exact same price range and the quality is not comparable at all. So yeah, Uniqlo is the way to go!

Random Fact 2: You can find this exact pink sweater here.

Random FactRandom FactRandom Fact

This pink sweater, and maybe a pair of trousers is as far as I go with pink for the moment. But I will make sure to let you know if that changes cause I know you will be worried sick to know! Lol

PS. This is what I mean by short and sweet and nonsensical blog posts. Exactly this randomness is what you will be getting from me from now on. Which I don’t think is bad, because is very raw, very spontaneous and very me.

PS2. Today I make 5 years 5 months with my boo. Which would explain why I felt like sharing something pink and lovely today? Probably not, lol.


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