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The Virgo StereotypeHey guys! I’m sorry for not writing a blog post this past Friday! I didn’t even post an Instagram pic… I’ve never missed a blog post nor a daily photo on IG since I started my blog. Which is insane. Last week was just insane.

Work has been really tough these past days and it translated into my personal life and health. Which of course translated into not having time nor energy to create anything.

Anyway… I didn’t come here to complain 🙂 How are you guys? Let me know what you’ve been up to!

Today I wanted to do an easy and fun post about my zodiac sign. I have a love-hate relationship with Astrology. I don’t believe in it AT ALL. But somehow it always nails it when it comes to describing my personality.

I’m a Virgo. And a very very very Virgo Virgo, if that makes sense. So I’m going to list 5 things that are commonly related to Virgo and comment whether I feel represented or not. If I can relate basically.

If you are a blogger, it would be fun if you do this as well, and maybe do a round-up of all signs in the end? Could be fun!


  1. “Virgos are the realists of the zodiac. They’re pragmatic and intelligent, and they are often shy or not as talkative, which makes some people think they’re stuck up and boring. But once they feel comfortable and trusting of those around them, they can light up the whole room with their energy.”

    TRUE. Very very true. It’s actually funny because I have friends with whom I feel the most comfortable with that would laugh at my face if I tell them I’m an introvert. Because I can really be the clown I am in front of them. And in the other hand, I have people which would never believe I can make a single joke and be funny, cause they only see the shy version of me

  2. “Compulsively clean, Virgo keeps her home in perfect order at all times and freaks out at the slightest speck of dust.”

    I would say this is true, but I have actually managed to control myself when that is not the case. For example, here in Barcelona, I live in a very very small apartment for 1. And when I was at uni, I had a lot of materials, and fabrics, and sewing machines, and many many things. And they were all over the place because I didn’t have the space to store them all. At first, it gave me anxiety to step a foot into my house. Then I learned to live with it because I trained my mind to understand it was something temporary.

  3. “Virgos expect perfection from themselves, and they may project those high standards on the other people in their life. “

    Oh yes. This one was actually one that I had to learn the hard way. I’m perfectly aware that perfection doesn’t exist. But I always strive for it and do my best to do my best. And of course, I expect other people to do the same. But I had to learn the hard way that people don’t have to do things the way I do them. And actually, I started appreciating that over time. Because it gave me a new perspective on things. And that can be very refreshing instead of frustraing as it was in the beginning.

  4. “Intelligent and a lifelong learner, Virgo loves trying new things, reading books, and learning about the world. They’ll happily sign up for an adult-education course, and they consider an afternoon in bed with a book pretty much ideal.”

    A thousand percent YES. I am a curious kid. Have always been. And I’m pretty sure that would be the case for the rest of my life. To be honest this is actually one of my favorite things about myself. I just can’t get enough. I get frustrated at times because I feel I don’t have the memory to hold all the information that I want to. And sometimes I have to learn things all over again because I have forgotten over time. But I am constantly wondering, questions and learning. And I love that.
  5. “A Virgo prefers an evening with good friends to a huge party, and values downtime just as much as socializing. This sign doesn’t need to fill their calendar to be content”

    This is accurate but not 100%. I do prefer an evening with a good friend to a huge party, but I prefer alone time to an evening with good friends. Do I make any sense? I love my friends, I love spending time with them. But I’m a very independent person and actually enjoy being on my own most of the time. Social groups actually drain a lot of my energy. Which I know this is something that a lot of  people could realte wether they admit it or not. But we are social creatures in the end, and I never regret hanging out with my pals and having a good and needed laugh.

That’s it guys. Let me know in the comments if you are a Virgo and if you can relate to any of this things! Or if you are a completely different Virgo than I am!



  1. January 30, 2019 / 3:53 AM

    I absolutely love this post! It got me thinking on a possible multi blogger blogging series?
    I’m a true to heart Gemini and I love astrology. Reading about other’s signs and how they can relate or not is fascinating to me. Amazing post!!
    xo B

    • andrea
      January 31, 2019 / 10:18 PM

      That would be amazing! We should do it! And thanks girl <3

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