Top 5 Favorite Fashion Designers


Today I’m sharing with you my top 5 favorite fashion designers. By the photos I’ve chosen you can tell that I like a good suit right? Right.

My personal style is very similar to my designer style. It has in common that it is very minimal, and masculine sometimes. But I think my style as a designer is a little bit bolder. I experiment more and take more risks.

I am going to list my top 5 favorite designers. These designer are my favorite because I relate to them not only as a designer but also as a consumer. 

top 5 favorite fashion designers1. Phoebe Philo for Celine

I’m going to start this “Top 5 Favorite Fashion Designers” with my favorite of them all; Phoebe Philo. You can’t imagine my sadness when it was announced that she was leaving Celine. Celine has always been one of my favorite brands. But when Philo was the creative director there, those were the golden years.

I can’t think of any other designer that has empowered women as she did.

top 5 favorite fashion designers2. Yohji Yamamoto

From him, I learn to fall in love with the color black. His philosophy of work is so deep and different that I can’t do anything else than admire him.

His style is very different than my own, but there’s something to it that I’ve always find myself drawn to.

top 5 favorite fashion designers3. Jil Sander

The “Queen of less”. The dynamic and proportions she plays with her garments are amazing. Yet so simple.

I love the monochromatic color palette she used and how with little twists she turns conventional garments to pure magic. But all of her clothes are completely wearable. Hence why I admire her as a designer but also as a consumer.

top 5 favorite fashion designers4. Helmut Lang

Bolder and sexier than my average taste. But there’s something about his designs that appeal to my heart. Even though he is no longer involved with his brand, the company has still continued to follow his style.

I also like his personal philosophy; “I don’t have to divide my time into something I like more and something I like less. I need time to be alone. For me, a waste of time is the most productive time.”

top 5 favorite fashion designers5. Stella Mccartney

Minimal and eco-friendly. What else could you ask for? I love about her that she made a name for herself despite being the daughter of a famous father.
Let’s get credit where credit’s due.

She is more colorful than my average designer but she still keeps her lines simple. She is a breath of fresh air in all this ecstatic fashion world.

I have many more designers, but as always, I also like to keep things simple. The same goes with my personal style.
Let me know in the comments who are your Top 5 Favorite Fashion Designers and why!


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